The Case Of The BMW Ride & The Permanent Boner

The Case Of The BMW Ride & The Permanent Boner

By Miles Holden on June 11, 2012

Henry Wolf (sadly not a character in Easy Rider) is suing BMW for a severe case of priapism, also known as the never ending hard-on.

Mr. Wolf maintains that a four hour ride on his 1993 BMW motorcycle equipped with a Corbin-Pacific “ridge” seat back in May 2010 gave him one hell of a case of blue balls hard and painful erection that would just not go away.

I can only think of one thing worse than having a permanent boner and that’s never having a boner at all. Perhaps, BMW should market their “ridge seat” towards the erectile dysfunction community. Isn’t their whole marketing campaign directed towards getting guys laid anyhow? Two birds, one stone. Pun intended.

“Wolf is suing BMW of North America and Corbin-Pacific, seeking damages for lost wages, personal injury, medical expenses, product liability, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” (San Francisco Weekly)

The plaintiff claims that he has been experiencing continuing problems since his sexually frustrating motorcycle ride. Wolf’s lawyer states on his behalf that he hasn’t been able to successfully engage in sexual activity, which has caused him severe emotional and mental anguish,  all because of a “badly” designed motorcycle seat, or should I say “genius?”

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