The Playboy Club is Coming to Utah After All

The Playboy Club is Coming to Utah After All

By Richard Johnson on July 04, 2011

The power of the prude in Utah appears to be waning. Utah was in the news a few weeks ago because the Mormon owned NBC station was refusing to air the new TV series "The Playboy Club". Utahans, have no fear, the bunnies have temporarily beat back the fervor of the religious right with the recent announcement that the local CBS station has decided to air the show and reap the benefits of a porn loving society, much to the chagrin of the morally righteous.

All manner of anti-porn groups have weighed in on this new show that has yet to even air. One of the groups fighting the show, "Morality in Media", has even labeled Hugh Hefner the "king of hardcore" which is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s unclear if Pat Trueman, the group's leader, actually understands the meaning of hardcore. Maybe he should do some research at

Anti-porn groups have begun assembling a national battle against the show by creating websites and campaigns in an effort to get this show pulled from the airwaves before anyone even has a chance to see it.  Initially groups in Utah were jubilant that the show wouldn't be aired by their NBC station, but their mood soured after the bunny haters discovered that CBS would be picking the show up instead. 

In due time we will all have the chance to check out the Playboy Club and see just what all the fuss is about, including the people who are fighting it. The show has got to get past FCC censors, so it's going to have to keep things plenty soft core, expect to see delicious babes going about life in the Playboy Club in Chicago wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits. But remember the show is also set in the early sixties and I'm not even sure that two piece bathing suits had been invented back then. 

Assuming the show can creep past the censors, it's still got to get the ratings and a great controversy is sure to drive ratings higher. NBC hasn't yet decided when they will start airing episodes, but expect the retro Bunnies on the small screen before too much more time passes.  In the meantime there are plenty of places to catch swimsuit clad chicks that don't need to appease any censors in pretty much every other television show.

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