The Plight of Batman XXX

The Plight of Batman XXX

By Jacob Carson on December 28, 2010

Everyone knows that BitTorrent has cost the porn industry millions of dollars in sales by providing its users to share content back and forth via computer. After all, porn and XXX are two of the most popular search terms on the file sharing program!

 In a move that has been applauded by some and condemned by others, a West Virginia judge has dismissed thousands of defendants from a lawsuit filed by the maker of Batman XXX. Apparently not even the caped crusader himself (or his 9 inches of justice) could change the judge’s mind.

 The maker of Batman XXX had filed charges that those listed as the defendants, basically a grouping of John Dow ISPs, illegally downloaded Batman XXX using the BitTorrent client. With the dismissal of the judge, the defendant has been left with no real chance of monetary settlement.

 A person may not think twice when downloading a mainstream movie or what have you, but when that one person is multiplied by a few thousand, the downloads begin affecting the livelihood of everyone attached to that movie from the stars and director to the makeup artists and grips.

 This is especially true of adult movies that don’t have the avenues of sale like a mainstream movie does. You can buy the new Harry Potter at Wal-Mart, but you are not going to see Batman XXX at the department store anytime soon. (I know… Life isn’t fair.)

 I can’t help but think had this case been about a mainstream movie or by the recording industry that the judge’s findings would have gone a bit differently. Regardless of the recognition in mainstream entertainment over the last few years, adult films still has very powerful enemies both socially and now apparently judicially.

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