The Plight of the German Nudist

The Plight of the German Nudist

By Richard Johnson on July 25, 2011

Germany is known for a host of things from bratwurst to loving David Hasselhoff to tall busty blondes and luxury cars.  Nudity is one thing I never really associated with Germany but apparently the country is full of nudists.  Over 7 million Germans routinely sunbathe in the nude, but sadly those numbers are falling by about two percent per year.

Since the early 1900's, Germans have been disrobing themselves in droves according to the German Free Body Culture (FKK) Association.  There are over 500,000 registered nudists within Germany at last count. Modern nudism can be traced back to health and fitness philosophies popular in Germany in the 1890’s that advocated a return to nature with an emphasis on equality. 

The nudists are on the offensive though and have started marketing themselves and promoting their culture to a new generation.  But sadly a little less public nudity and a little more exercise might be just what the doctor ordered.  As the German economy has soared in the last few decades, waist lines have kept pace and Germans are fatter than ever.

Heidi Klum recently came out against tan lines and says she loves walking around the beach topless.  She finds America stifling because she's not able to lose the swimsuit and give her incredible breasts the sun they deserve while at the beach.

I'm torn on this, on one hand, it's hard to imagine anything better than seeing Heidi Klum walking around topless while on the other hand it's hard to imagine anything more frightening than seeing my grandma walking around the beach topless (and believe me she would be right there without a swimsuit in sight).  Only time will tell if German’s nudist will continue to flourish or become a novelty relegated to a few beaches and private clubs.

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