The Untapped Final Frontier

The Untapped Final Frontier

By Richard Johnson on April 26, 2011

The Russians may have been the first to space, and the Americans might rule the skies for the moment, but there is one thing still left to do before we can say weʼve conquered the final frontier. We need to get laid in zero g. Thatʼs right, the Russian experts have admitted that while all manner of experiments may have taken place in space, nobody,
not even the Americans have gotten down and performed the horizontal mambo while in zero gravity.

The American officials have kept mum on the issue so far, asides from the crazy scientist that we that we wrote about earlier, but the experts are in unanimous agreement that no official or unofficial experiments have taken place.
Apparently rumors have been circling for some time now that sex in the final frontier has been conquered, but so far nobody is ponying up and admitting to doing the dirty deed. Frankly if I was the first man in space to blow my load, Iʼd make sure other people knew about it. Itʼs hard to imagine that 50 years after the start of the space race, human beings have yet to sow their seed off planet. I was really expecting to be living on the moon by now.

As private space flight develops and prices come down itʼs only a matter of time before somebody decides theyʼd like to graduate from the mile high club and move on to the ultimate notch in the bed post. So ladies and gentlemen, while some people may say that everything under the sun has been done, thereʼs at least one frontier that we humans havenʼt yet conquered, will you be the first?

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