They’re Multiplying! More Charlie Sheen Pornstars are Born

They’re Multiplying! More Charlie Sheen Pornstars are Born

By Stefanie Saint on January 28, 2011

Do pornstars multiply? If you get one wet will there suddenly be four, or in Charlie Sheen’s case, five of them? Two more girls have been identified as the attendees to Sheen’s mid-week soiree; porn newcomer GiGi Rivera and Mofo’s girl Melanie Rio, both 19.

In case you would like to know more about these up and comers, because who wouldn’t, we’re here to tell you. Gigi started in the business when she was just 18. The tiny teen has two passions in life: sex and pot. But we think she’s selling herself short on her writing skills:

gigi-rivera-pornstar_660Gigi Get’s Even More Stoned Than In Her Last Blog Post

Posted on November 16, 2010 by admin

blog so i decided to move back into with my bestfreind tegan summers….so we went to venice lastnight and me and T go into the hash bar and get supper fadded by the time we get out off the hash bar everythings closeing lol and me and teagan and heather are so horny and hungry with munches we decide to go home in stead of shop so after being stuck in tippical la traffic we get home cook food and take turns on my magic wand cause we all had to get up early ill just say after we all got done using was melting…lol…and if you must know the order we went in you duty ppl hehehe me heather then tegan…lol im fadded


Melanie, who also speaks Spanish, calls herself, “xxx new doll; model; barbie and your little fantasy. sweety by day; melanie-rios-charlie-sheen2naughty by noon and dirty by sunset;)”.  That’s all we know so far. We’ll make sure to keep you updated once she has a website, lawyer and agent.

Charlie, Chuck buddy, C-Dog can’t you give us a few hours of rest between coke fuelled porn binges? Our wrists are getting sore. From the amount of porn you allegedly watch we know youcan sympathize.




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