This Week in Porn: .xxx, Nude Golf Teams, Rhianna’s Sex Tape and Techy Sex Toys

This Week in Porn: .xxx, Nude Golf Teams, Rhianna’s Sex Tape and Techy Sex Toys

By Olive Day on August 26, 2011

We’ve been working up a storm in the ZZ offices and couldn’t believe when our boss told us to wrap up watching the pornos that came out this week because it was Friday already. We had so much more fun stuff to share with you guys! Fortunately, Friday means we’re able to post the best stories we didn’t have time to share with ZZinsiders about all things porny. I hope you’re in the mood to read, because this week is a doozy. Happy Friday everyone and we hope you have a wet and wild weekend!

Porn Companies are Taking Better Care Of Talent than Real World Contestants

Camille Dodero of the Village Voice managed to snag a copy of an unsigned, undated contract, and the number of rights and legal causes of action cast members have to sign away is staggering. (AVN)

Memory stick that doubles as a sex toy? Sure, why not

The humble memory stick has been crafted to resemble everything from lego bricks, to practical bottle openers and decapitated teddy bears. But now designers have come up with the most unusual pairing yet - a flash drive that doubles up as a sex toy. (dailymail)

Hustler Claims to Have Rhianna Sex Tape

With Rihanna pumping up the sex in her music, image, videos, and performances, and with her hot, nude, leaked sexting pics, we’ve been commenting here on Peeperz that it’s only a matter of time before the sex tape comes out…and now, maybe it has. (peeperznow)

James Franco’s Brother Dave Take on The Term “Go F*ck Yourself

Go F*ck Yourself with Dave Franco from Dave Franco


Well then. That's not what I was expecting.

College golf team in the pit for going nude in risqué Facebook photo

Christian college golf takes a dim view of nudity, even partial nudity. So athletic director and golf coach Jon Daniels, who was emailed the picture by someone, suspended the team for three tournaments.  (sfgate)

ICM registry removes celebrity names from .xxx domains

ICM Registry has permanently removed hundreds, possibly thousands of celebrities' names from the new .xxx domain as a protective measure. (xbiz)

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