This Week in Porn: Cal/OSHA, Boob Jobs, Playboy Bunnies, Nude Hiking and Porn Parodies

This Week in Porn: Cal/OSHA, Boob Jobs, Playboy Bunnies, Nude Hiking and Porn Parodies

By Olive Day on June 10, 2011

To be honest, this is probably one of the least exciting weeks in news in a while. I guess after we got Osama Bin Laden, the news has to be pretty crazy to catch my attention. But, like always, the wild world of porn has had a couple of bid stories this week ranging from Playboy to on-set sex laws in California. Without further ado, here is this week in porn!

Cal/OSHA meeting held with nearly 100 adult performers, agents producers and supporters in attendance: If one word could be said to capsulize the feelings of the nearly 100 adult performers, agents, producers and supporters who attended today's meeting of the Cal/OSHA Advisory Subcomittee on Control Measures—aka the "Condom Commission"—it would be "anger." Another possibility is "dismay." (AVN)

Morality in Media Calls on NBC to Halt Playboy Series: Morality in Media says NBC is contributing to the sexual exploitation of women and encouraging greater acceptance of porn with its new series “The Playboy Club.” Morality in Media, the lead organization in the War on Illegal Pornography Coalition, has launched a full-scale campaign to stop the show from being profitable. (XBiz)

Europe Loves Nude Hiking: Oh, Germany. The country that opened its very own "first hiking trail for nudists" may have inspired Switzerland to hop on the naked hiking trend, provided their supreme court approves it. Why, you might ask, would anyone recreationally expose their junk to bugs, itchy plants, pointy branches, and the occasional wild animal? (Nerve)

Zero Tolerance Releases Official Halloween Parody Trailer:

Zero Tolerance and award-winning writer/director Gary Orona have teamed up again to parody the box-office hit “Halloween” that made Jamie Lee Curtis a household name, and this time they are adding more twists, sex and shrieks. Led by an all-star cast, Lexi Belle, Chanel Preston, Dana DeArmond, Carina Roman, Lexi Swallows, Mark Wood as Michael Myers and more, even Haddonfield Illinois has never seen evil quite this warped! (XXX Wasteland)

Mom gifts her 7 year old daughter a Boob Job Voucher for her Birthday: It figures a mother who made headlines when she taught her six-year-old daughter to pole dance would find another way to make the news: Sarah Burge of the UK gave her girl, Poppy, a voucher for breast implants on her 7th birthday. Burge, who is known as “the Human Barbie” for her slavish devotion to her plasticine looks, said Poppy can cash in her boob job after she turns 16 and her natural boobs have grown in. (The Frisky)

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