Tits and Chocolate: We’ll Miss You, Willow!

Tits and Chocolate: We’ll Miss You, Willow!

By Annie Eve on April 29, 2013

It seems like an average day at the ole porn office: tits and ass on every screen, gold ZZs hanging from cubicles, Fleshlights strewn about the floor like it's the most magical Christmas morning ever. But one thing is missing: our very own Willow Monroe. That's right, the spinner of smut herself is taking a break to go on her own fantastic voyage, and will be back in the future to charm hearts and harden cocks.

So today I'm honoring Willow with a gallery of two of her very favorite things: tits and chocolate.

You may be surprised at the number of babes who have posed nude covered in chocolate, but more likely, you feel the same way I do: not nearly enough hotties have stripped nude to get covered in that sweetest of warm sticky messes (well, the second sweetest). 


Everybody knows that chocolate is one of the best ways to put the freaky back into the fucking, but sexpert Dr. Laura Berman proves it (because, you know, she's a doctor):

Researchers found that women who ate chocolate on a daily basis had higher libidos than those who didn’t. They also found that chocolate-fed women had better sexual arousal and more sexual satisfaction. 

So feed your women as much of that rich chocolatey goodness as possible, and remember: having them lick it off their own sweet tits is going to make them even hornier than you. 

For your viewing pleasure, hot naked chicks covered in chocolate! 

NSFW Trailer: If you're craving chicks and chocolate now, check out tasty porn starlets Marie McCray and Dani Jensen in The LolliCock Shop

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