Titty Tuesday: Alison Brie

Titty Tuesday: Alison Brie

By Annie Eve on April 30, 2013

Today’s Titty Tuesday babe Alison Brie is very special: her perfect breasts have literally taken on a life of their own. There are entire websites dedicated to Alison Brie’s amazing boobs (yeah, websites, plural), countless articles praising their many talents , and there’s even a (fictional) monkey named after them.  Oh, and her boobs have their own Twitter account, an honor reserved for such fantastic body parts as JLo’s ass and Carrie Underwood’s legs (who are actually prolific tweeters!).

So who is this beautiful actress with the unstoppable tatas? Best known for her role as Annie (great name, eh?) on NBC’s sitcom Community, and Pete Campbell’s longsuffering wife Trudy on Mad Men,  Ms. Brie is not only carrying around the prettiest rack in Hollywood, she’s also an exceptionally talented actress and comedian.

So naturally I have a giant crush on Alison, both in an ohmygodIwanttobeher and an ohmygodIwanttofuckher way. Her perky, loveable TV roles are complimented by her down-to-earth, ultra sexy off-screen personality. The best part? Alison Brie loves to fuck. Back in 2010, she described her college self as the “captain of coitus, the queen of copulation”. In another interview she says she loves sex, because “some of the most humorous things happen when you're naked with another person.”

Her all-natural, all-otherworldy breasts are an ample 32C, and fit her tiny 5'3 frame perfectly:


I’m pretty sure that she is the ultimate “total package”, and if you somehow need any more convincing, here’s a GIF for you to mull over/have a nice quick wank to:

I hope you enjoy these pictures of her beautiful, bountiful 32Cs as much as I enjoyed gathering them: 

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