Titty Tuesday: Anne Hathaway

Titty Tuesday: Anne Hathaway

By Miles Holden on March 06, 2012

Anne Hathaway has come a long way since, The Princess Diaries. Sure, she was cute once they managed to get all that frizz out of her hair, but it took a few years before anyone took notice of the babe she turned out to be.

I have to admit, I have a weakness for fair skinned brunettes with big eyes, big tits, and luscious lips. Give me an Anne Hathaway over a Cameron Diaz any day. Her skin looks so smooth it’s just begging to be touched.

Anna Hathaway looks like a sweet girl too, like she would make a kick ass girlfriend.  That hasn’t stopped her from baring her voluptuous tits on screen for the likes of us pervs in such movies as; Brokeback Mountain, Havoc, Love and Other Drugs, and Emma Morley. She had to do something to get rid of her good girl image and show that she had some acting chops. What better way to do that than get naked?

The movie Havoc did just that:

A pair of naive young girls learn that even the most insignificant actions can have lasting consequences. Influenced by the hip-hop thug lifestyle and seeking to explore life outside of their insulated, culturally homogenized suburb, pretty young teenagers Allison and Emily set their sights on East L.A. to experience the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle firsthand.”

 A shitty movie by all accounts, but you get to see a lot of naked Hathaway where she experiences the “gangsta” lifestyle firsthand. And by firsthand, they mean she has to fuck to make the cut.

So there you have it, you know exactly which movies to add to your Netflix queue, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these clevalicious pictures.

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