Titty Tuesday: Danielle Fishel (Topanga!)

Titty Tuesday: Danielle Fishel (Topanga!)

By Willow Monroe on March 12, 2013

Anyone who grew up in America in the 90’s will undoubtedly recall the ABC comedy Boy Meets World, about a young adolescent who faces the kinds of obstacles and challenges a typical teen faces, all in a very PG audience kind of a way. The series star was Cory Matthews played by Ben Savage, but it was the secondary characters of the show that made it most memorable. Among these was the love interest of the show, Topanga, played by Danielle Fishel.

I (and countless others, no doubt) fell in lust with her as she grew up and developed luscious womanly curves, including a very fine set of titillating C-cup titties. Her remarkable rack is accompanied by beautiful green eyes, shiny honey hued hair, and a voluptuous ass that just begs to be spanked.   

 After the teen sitcom concluded, Danielle’s most notable role was as herself/ host of the satirical television series, The Dish, which provided funny commentary about celebrity culture and fashion.   

More than a dozen years after Boy Meets World came to an end, Topanga and Cory too will return in a spin off series to be named Girl Meets World. This means that Danielle has returned to the spotlight and last week the internet was abuzz with the fact that she was and is the cover girl for Maxim’s latest issue looking smoking hot in a men’s short and white lacy lingerie. “Topanaga” was even trending on Twitter!

The magazine issue features more than one sexy pic of Danielle, reminding us of what we love about this 90’s pop icon. The interview within is also pretty juicy and unravels such well-kept secrets as where the heck the name Topanga came from, who her first ever girl crush was, and the truth behind the rumor of her dating Ben Savage.

In her personal life, Danielle made the Tabloids for her being involved with ‘N Sync member, Lance Bass from 1999 – 2000. Though the two are still friends Both have long since moved on. Currently our girl is engaged to a commoner who she met while being a math Tutor during her years doing an undergrad degree at CSU. Though Danielle is nearly of the market, that doesn’t mean fans can’t appreciate all her tittytastic goodness in Maxim, on her spinoff sitcom, and in the gallery below.         

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