Titty Tuesday: Emma Stone

Titty Tuesday: Emma Stone

By Willow Monroe on September 18, 2012

The first girl I ever made out with in college had small perky tits, red hair, and pouty lips that perpetually tasted of cherry chapstick. Ever since, I’ve had a thing for both red heads and girls with small but pert tits. Put the two together  and with near certainty I’m bound to develop a little crush.  Enter Emma Stone.

I first spotted Emma in the sweet coming of age tale, Easy A. She appeared in the film with auburn tresses and those darling tits of hers packaged in a corset. I can barely control myself when it comes to a woman in a corset, but Emma Stone in a corset is particularly to die for. 

Emma claims she knew she wanted to act since she was 4 years old. When she was 12, she convinced her parents to let her be homeschooled so she could attend auditions.  At 15 she moved to los Angeles with her mom. Initially, Emma landed only small parts, but started to get noticed after landing a role in the comedy Superbad.  But, it was Easy A, that really showcased her talents, and her tits. 

This summer, Emma re-entered my radar with the reboot of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Emma dyed her hair blonde to play the part of Peter Parker’s love interest, Gwen Stacy. Though I prefer Emma with her red hair, blonde suits her too, and regardless, the tits remain equally marvelous. Adorned in curve hugging tees and sweaters for the duration of the film , Emma’s ta-tas were entirely tantalizing, even more so than I remembered.  I look forward to the second installment, set to be released in 2014.

Off screen, Emma has a classic Hollywood glamor kind of style, which is entirely attractive, but leaves me hungry for more. Getting good cleavage pics to share with you fellow pervs was a task that came less than easy. But, I did the best I could and didn’t come up completely empty. Check out the pics and enjoy dreaming of how sweet  the nipples underneath must be.     

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