Titty Tuesday: Halloween, The Best Time of Year For Titty Watching

Titty Tuesday: Halloween, The Best Time of Year For Titty Watching

By Willow Monroe on October 30, 2012

Halloween. It’s seemingly the one time of the year that us girls can and do dress like little sluts without having to worry being called nasty names. So what if I’m dressed like Eve with only a few scant fig leafs to cover up my lady parts. Being sexy and showing lots of skin is what Halloween is all about. That, and the candy of course.  

With all the near nudity flying around and the massive sugar buzzes that accompany it, this time of the year is the absolute best for titty watching. Even the girl down the street that perpetually wears sweat pants and baggy sweaters can be spotted in a cleavage enhancing black and yellow corset, a yellow tutu that barely covers her fine ass and a pair of glittery wings. So what if this queen bee tells you to buzz off. There’s dozens of others around to enjoy the fruits of Halloween with.

In the world of celebs there is one party every Halloween that all the A-listers attend and that’s Heidi Klum’s annual ghoulish gala. Though Klum herself is one of the hottest women in the world, even after birthing four children, her costumes tend to border more on the outlandish and weird side than on the sexy and cleavagey.


Three celebrities get mutual kudos for being the sluttiest and the most revealing of all. In no particular order these are, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carey, and Kim Kardashian.       

Paris may have the smallest tittieds of these three celebs, but she makes it work with with a little help from her pushup bra and plunging necklines. On a good year, Paris is even known to iadvertently let nipple slip. Oops! did I mention how much i LOVE Halloween. 

    Paris Hilton como She-ra  

Mariah may be a mom, but that doesn't stop her from trick-or-treating come Halloween. With her ample MILFtastic boobs, she makes a splash, no matter what skimpy costume she adorns. 


Kim has tits that make me go my-oh-my, and delivers her delicious boobs to their best advantage, regardless of the character she assumes for Halloween.  


But the best part of Halloweeen is you don't have to be walking down Hollywood Boulevard to enjoy the titty-goodness. See the gallery below to get a sampling of the kind of cleavage candy you could enjoy this All Hallows Eve. 

Images Gallery

  • Eve

  • Bzzzzzz! Boobies!!!

  • Construction worker. She needs to come fix me with that hammer ASAP!

  • Mz. Pacman. Hotter and more tittastic than you ever imagined.

  • Rainbow Bright has some might fine Boobies

  • Helloooooo Kitty!

  • Star-titty mermaid.... mmm.....

  • Jizz tastic Jailbird

  • Nubile Nurse

  • Hula Girl

  • Scooby Booby Doo!

  • Aye Aye, sailor!

  • Busty Ghostbuster

  • Shiver me timbers

  • Sexy Witch

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