Titty Tuesday: How I Met Cobie Smulders’ Tits

Titty Tuesday: How I Met Cobie Smulders’ Tits

By Miles Holden on March 20, 2012

Canadian born Cobie Smulders won my heart on the hit half-hour TV comedy, How I Met Your Mother. I’m not the only one who rose-up and paid attention to this lovely lady. Maxim ranked her number nine on their Hot 100 list of 2011, and if that magazine does one thing well, it’s ranking hot chicks. Careers have been made and have died by that list. Imagine making the top 5 one year and disappearing the next? Harsh.

Cobie Smulders doesn’t have to worry though, because on top of bringing a great rack to the table, she’s also pretty talented. Girl makes me laugh, which goes a long way in giving me a hard-on. It’s not required, but it helps.

If you’re one of those weird people who don’t watch TV, you might not know who this chick is, but you should. She has that “girl next door” look that sort of creeps its way into your heart and your groin. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of How I Met Your Mother. That show is actually pretty damn funny, and Robin, the character played by Smulders, will win your heart with her her killer looks and  tough liquor-swilling-cigar-smoking ways . 

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