Titty Tuesday: Michelle Wiliams

Titty Tuesday: Michelle Wiliams

By Willow Monroe on March 19, 2013

Once upon a time there was a little weekly teen drama on TV called Dawson’s Creek. The show starred a bunch of then young and unknown actors who went on to become big name celebrities. Like many across this fair nation I fell in lust with show’s central characters, namely Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes and bad girl Jen Lindley, played by Michelle Williams. Both ladies are truly tittytastic, but Michelle went on to appear topless in more than one film (read, MANY), thereby gaining her a place of honor in my erotic fantasies.


The first time I saw her bodacious boobies was in Incendiary, in which she displayed her perky twins in all their glory for the masses to enjoy. The simulated sex scene in this film is so sizzling hot it was an instant lady boner for me. Bonus loin-tingling points are allotted for Michelle’s pseudo British accent.


Her most famous titty friendly flick, and the one that got her noticed by the Academy Awards was Brokeback Mountain.


In an altogether different kind of tittyliscious moment, you need to watch Take This Waltz which holds within Michelle’s most recent topless moment. In fact, not only is she topless, but she appears completely in the buff alongside Sarah Silverman (also completey naked) in a steamy shower scene. Though the movie isn’t high on erotic appeal, any chance to see a buck naked Michelle Williams is more than sufficient reason to tune in to a film.


Some of her other tittyfied flicks include Blue Valentine, Me Without You, and Syndoche, New York.  Her current film however, the one out in theatres at the moment is Oz the Great and Powerful. No nudity in in this flick but that doesn’t mean there isn’t Michelle cleavage to be enjoyed. She plays Glinda the Good Witch and it may be only time we ever see this actress play a lighthearted and playful roll so I do recommend checking it out.


In her personal life, Michelle’s biggest claim to fame is her one time engagement with the now deceased Heath Ledger. The two, who met on the set of Brokeback Mountain, never wed but they did have a daughter together, making Michelle a bona fide MILF. She’s also been romantically linked with director Spike Jonze and actor Jason Segel, making it official that she has good taste in men. Now if only she were open to the idea of a woman in her life. I’ll keep dreaming, and in the meantime, amuse myself with the pics in the gallery below.  

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