Titty Tuesday: Oscar Night

Titty Tuesday: Oscar Night

By Willow Monroe on February 26, 2013

I’ve already confessed my penchant for titty watching at awards shows and the Oscars are no exception. Sure, the cleavage isn’t quite as impressive as it is at the Grammy’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth paying attention to. In case you missed it, here are some of the sexiest bosoms that were on display on Sunday night.


Anne Hathaway won an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Les Miserables on Sunday night, but what everyone was talking about were her nipples. I myself found couldn't stop staringstaring, wondering if the satin protrusions on her gown were seams or if they were indeed nip. A Twitter account dubbed @HathawayNipple was created that night in honor of the phenomenon. By Monday morning it had some 3700 followers. Woot! The power of the nipple!

This is not the dress Jennifer Lawrence wore at the Academy Award show, it's the one she wore at the afterparty. Shame. She's way hotter and tittytastic in this one, and if she'd worn it instead of that prissy puffy white thing she in fact went with, maybe she wouldn't have tripped when accepting her award for  Best Actress of the year for her role in Silver Lining Playbook.


Samantha Banks gave her Les Miserables co-star some stiff competition when it came to titty attention-grabbing tactics. This chick is mega hot and her boobs look awesome when they're just barely covered.  

Am I the only one who relives all my Jessica Rabbit fantasies with the image of Jessica Chastain? Loved her in this cleavagey awesome dress at the the 2013 Oscars. 


Naomi Watts and her ta-tas looked fucktastic in this shimmery silver getup with a cleavage enhancing cutaway. Great dress. Hot chick. Fab tits. 


Brandi Clanville is a MILF of epic proportions. I adored the way she rocked this mermaid dress that left very little to the imagination. Yummy! She was at the Oscars as a fashion correspondent but you can see her in work in the Bravo series, "Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills."

Halle Berry is has one of the most rocking racks and hottest overall bods in Hollywood. Her tits looked fab in this low cut sparkly gown. I'm still having fantasies of taking my scissors and cutting the stringsholding the bodice together. Now that would be delicious indeed. 


Resse Witherspoon's boobs wrapped in royal blue made my heart race and my pussy twitch. Va-va-va-voom!!

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