Titty Tuesday: Peta’s 10 Hottest Nude Celebrity PSAs

Titty Tuesday: Peta’s 10 Hottest Nude Celebrity PSAs

By Randall Vicks on June 18, 2013

Mentioning PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, if you want to be long-winded about it, in mixed company is generally a pretty good way to start an argument. Inevitably someone will say "fuck those guys," and then the local vegan will pop up to defend them, and before long you've got people yelling obscenities and animal rights statistics at each other.

There is one thing we can all agree on, though, whether you're a card-carrying animal rights fanatic, a life-long carnivore, or anything in between: titties! I like 'em, you like 'em, everybody likes 'em. Well, everybody reading this, anyway (so everyone who matters). And if there's one thing that can get even the most prudish of celebrities to start flaunting them all over town, its a good cause and some fuzzy animals. I mean, I don't know whose job it is to go around asking celebrities to strip down and hide their nipples behind a bunny rabbit or whatever, but that guy's got shit figured out. For some celebrities, it's as close to real nude modeling as they'll ever get, so without further ado, I present to you the ten hottest celebrity pictorals PETA has ever put out. Then once you're all ready to go, head over to Brazzers to check out some stars who really aren't afraid to show some skin.

10) Imogen Bailey


She's hot and everything, but the shot just isn't good enough to move her out of the bottom position. Now if you'll give me a minute, I'm off to think about putting Imogen Bailey into the bottom position. If you know what I mean.

9) Charlotte Ross


I might be showing my age on this one, but back in the late 90's, Ms. Ross here was one of the hottest pieces of ass on network TV thanks to her part on NYPD Blue. Maybe it was the tight sweaters, maybe I just like a girl with a gun, or maybe it's just that anything looks good alongside Dennis Franz.

8) Roselyn Sanchez


If you like your hot TV cops a little more recent, then how about CSI Miami's Roselyn Sanchez? This Puerto Rican hottie is so fine I can even put up with that creepy ginger detective to get a look at her.

7) Alicia Silverstone


Why George Clooney's Batman suit got nipples but hers didn't, I'll never know.

6) Bonnie-Jill Laflin


This lady has a fantastic ass, but she's not getting any higher on this list because no one's ever heard of her.

5) Annalise Braakensiek


Another "celebrity" I've never heard of who makes it into the top end of the list by merit of her amazing booty alone.

4) Holly Madison


It's no surprise that a playmate would provide one of the hottest pictures of the whole bunch. The lady knows what she's doing.

3) Olivia Munn


I know we saw her titties in Magic Mike, but they were only on screen for like half a second in the background, so this is hotter.

2) Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes is sex on a stick. She should come with a warning label, "may cause spontaneous ejaculation." Ryan Gosling is a lucky bastard.

1) Joanna Krupa


I've never been so attracted to a lens-flare before.

Honorable Mentions:

Pam Anderson:


Look, it's not that Pam Anderson isn't hot, it's just that when someone's been naked as often as she has, the nude PETA shoots seem more like a step backwards.

David Cross:


Don't you judge me.

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