Titty Tuesday: Scarlett Johansson

Titty Tuesday: Scarlett Johansson

By Miles Holden on May 01, 2012

I’ve been in love with ScarJo ever since I saw her in Ghost World, but it wasn’t until she starred in Lost In Translation and started hitting the red carpets like a ghost from Hollywood past that she became known as the bombshell that she is today. I’m not sure what happened… Maybe she got a stylist, maybe she just grew up, but whatever it was it made everyone around the world stop and stare with mouths wide open.

I can still remember the slow span of her ass during the opening scene of Lost In Translation, and although she does indeed have a fine ass, today is about tits and Scarlett Johansson definitely does not disappoint in that department. They’re pretty much heavenly.

The sight of her cleavage makes me warm all over. Seriously, I could Google image search images of ScarJo all night long. You know, go into one of those Internet tailspins where you wonder where your life has gone and why you have a crick in your neck when it’s over.

God bless her, she’s not afraid to show her curves on film and in print. Actually, she was the subject of a phone hacking incident recently in which a few naked pics of her fine bod were leaked to the media. Unfortunately, I can’t show them to you here, because they’re NSFW, but let’s just say the day those pics hit the Internet there were a few happy campers with tents in their pants all over the world.

Scarlett Johansson is a classy lady too, when the whole leaked nude pics scandal hit the presses, she handled it really well. During an interview with David Letterman, she started laughing when he brought the subject up. She didn’t seem embarrassed in the slightest, although she did say that it was “unfortunate” and that the worst part about the whole thing is that someone invaded her privacy, but on the subject of the nude photos themselves her attitude was pretty much, “get over it.”

We’re over it ScarJo. Seeing you naked is not scandalous. All out sympathies for the gross invasion of your privacy though. That shit is just wrong, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop enjoying your lovely form. At least, we’re being legal and gentlemanly about it. With that being said, ogle away. 

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