Top 5:  Awesome Things to Know About Aroused Vaginas

Top 5:  Awesome Things to Know About Aroused Vaginas

By Willow Monroe on November 21, 2012

When it comes to cock, most of what goes on is clearly visible to the naked eye. There’s no mistaking when a dick is aroused. He stands at attention boldly, noticeably longer, thicker, and harder.  Pussy on the other hand is a bit more discreet in announcing her intentions. It takes more than a quick glance and a palm rubbed over a zipped up crotch to get the intel on her status. But that’s the joy of pussy right there. Her mystery, her demureness, and the slow discovery of her secrets. As unobvious as it may be, cunts transform just as much as any dick when aroused. Below are some of the most awesome ways she does just that.


5. Inner Elongation

 When going about her regular, ho-hum routine, pussy is about four inches long, and one inch in diameter. But raise her interest, and Pussy lengthens to about six inches long. The vaginal opening swells more tightly to give cock a little extra encouragement in cumming. There’s a similar ratio in pussy’s growth when turned on as there is when cock is ready to caw.


4. Growth Spurt

The upper part of pussy nearly doubles in size when she’s  hot and bothered.  However, most of this section of the va-jay-jay doesn’t have those pleasure sensors she so loves to have stimulated, except near the top where the g-spot is nestled. Most of the more erotically sensitive bits are in the lower vagina.


3. Sponge Swelling

Pussy’s Paraurethral Spongeswells around the urethra during arousal to prevent pee from escaping during sex. It also helps keep bacteria from entering . But the sexy part of this is that this tissue is sublimely sensitive and it’s connected to the clit. The sponge also covers the perineum , which becomes more erotically inclined during sexual play, and enhances both vag and anal sex.


2. The Clit

When Pussy is being pleased, her clit and hood engorge to twice the size! And you know what they say? The bigger the clit, the bigger the orgasm. Okay, that little bit is just my opinion and has no basis in science. But hey, it’s proven true with the girls I’ve fucked.  


1. Squirt Sensations

 When Pussy is aroused, the Skene’s glands, which are located around the urethra, produce female ejaculate, also known as squirt. During orgasm, the glands gush or squirt the ejaculate, making for a wet and wild ride. However, some are located so close to the urethra that the female ejaculate simply builds up in the urethra and bladder and is expelled during urination instead. And, some Skene's glands are so small that they don't produce enough to be noticeable over the vagina's natural lubrication. 

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