Top 5 Fake Pornos in Mainstream Films

Top 5 Fake Pornos in Mainstream Films

By Olive Day on August 25, 2011

Let’s face it, we all love porn and we all love mainstream movies. When the two come together, doves cry and girlfriends (for a second) understand the artistic and cinematic theory of your porn collection she found hidden behind the ‘good linens’ . You know who else likes porn asides from us mere mortals of the real world? Mainstream film directors & scriptwriters. They have figured out that by writing fake pornos into their films, they would be able to direct their own pornos!!! Damn they are so smart.

Here is a list of the Top 5 fake pornos in mainstream films.

The Big Lebowski - Log Jammin'


Maude: I’m sure you can imagine what happens next…

Dude: He fixes the cable?

How could anyone start off a fake porno list without the classic Logjammin’. Although we don’t get to see the inevitable threesome, we do get to see the gorgeous naked body of Porn Star Asia Cerrera. (Didn’t know that was her huh?) This porno is so delightfully campy with one-liners and ‘realistic’ scenarios, I feel like I’m accidently watching my dad’s porn VHS for the first time all over again.

Superbad - Vagtastic Voyage

Superbad Vagtastic voyage

That's Vagtastic!

Pornstars Jenna Haze and Aurora Snow share their talent to pay homage to the popular Bang Bros. online series.  Although we only get a short glimpse of the tom foolery taking place in the back of the Vag-tastic van, the original five minute fake porno can be found in the special features of some of the DVD releases. Pre-teen boys that got this DVD for their birthdays celebrate.

The Girl Next Door - Unnamed Karate Porn


Sense: Oooh, excellent, grasshopper. And now, for the final task of your training.

Danielle: You're gonna need a harder piece of wood that that, cowboy.

It’s your final year in High School, a hot girl moves in next door. Your porn enthusiast friend shows you a low-budget Karate porn starring your newfound girlfriend. Hate it when that happens. I thought it was pretty cool that AVN Hall of Famer Steven St. Croix shared his porn expertise to this fake porno as the “karate guy”.  

Zack and Miri Make a Porno - Star Whores


This is just the beginning, guys. If Star Whores works and *it will*, we are set up for sequels galore.

Well this one is a no brainer. Blonde bombshell Katie Morgan stars in this mainstream flick as the best Darth Vader ever.

Boogie Nights - Angels Live In My Town


This is the best work we’ve ever done.

Ah Boogie Nights. The coming of age tale of the young Johnny Wadd rising through the ranks to become one of the country’s hottest porn stars. Like Logjammin’, the glimpses we see of this porno series are incredibly campy. Just for the record, any Porno starring Mark Wahlberg is fine by me.

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