Top 5: Greatest Songs To Lose Your Virginity To

Top 5: Greatest Songs To Lose Your Virginity To

By Miles Holden on December 28, 2011

Take it from me kids (and by kids I mean consenting adults), losing your virginity never happens to way you plan it. There you are with a girlfriend who “wants to wait” when one of her best friends climbs into bed with you when you were about to pass out drunk at a party and proceeds to take her pants and bra off. What’s a guy to do? Bust a nut to “She Swallowed It” and “I’d Rather Fuck You” by the N.W.A. that’s what.

I bet that chick never forgot the way I snuck out of bed, leaving her alone after I took her virginity, and slept on the couch for fear of getting caught. And I’m sure she loved how I told my girlfriend and her sister all about it the next day, because… I was a dick. Oh, to be young again, what joy!

Losing your virginity isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be, but if you’re lucky your budding sex life can have a killer soundtrack.

5. Lay Lady Lay – Bod Dylan

Bob Dylan is a musical genius, I don’t care if you don’t like his at times raspy or at other times nasally voice, but his lyrics kick ass and there’s no arguing that. Unlike the other songs on this list, Lay Lady Lay is actually pretty sweet… you know… if you’re into that sort of thing.  

4. It’s So Easy – Guns n’ Roses

There’s no slut shamming on ZZinsider; we love sluts. Dirty sluts, classy sluts, women who love sex, but don’t like being called sluts… whatever… we love it all. We even love Axl Rose, that slut. What can I say? I’m a child of the 80’s and no “top 5: greatest songs to lose your virginity to” would be complete without a little Guns n’ Roses.  

3. Break On Through – The Doors


The more obvious choice would have been Light My Fire, but we are talking about losing your virginity here and breaking on through is definitely right on the money in that context, if you know what I mean.

2. Darling Nikki – Prince



Don’t laugh, Prince has made millions writing sexy songs and Darling Nikki is one of my favorites. You can’t tell me that melody and that intro don’t make your cock twitch just a little… or maybe that’s just me.  

1. Closer – Nine Inch Nails


I almost went with Reptile… there’s just something about the lyrics that get to me: she spreads herself wide open to let the insects in. She leaves a trail of honey to show me where she's been. She has the blood of reptile just underneath her skin. Seeds from a thousand others drip down from within.” I actually had a girl get on top of me and slide my cock inside her pussy while she sang that first verse. Whoa, talk about hot, but for once I went with the more obvious choice. After all, I like it when people are direct about sex, and there’s nothing more direct than “I want to fuck you like an animal.”

What about you, what song did you lose your virginity to or what song do you wish you had lost your virginity to?

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