Top 5 Movies That Deserve Porn Parodies

Top 5 Movies That Deserve Porn Parodies

By Jacob Carson on January 03, 2011

There have been many excellent porn spoofs of major Hollywood films such as Avatar and the A Team, but I think there are still some movies out there deserving the porn treatment.

5. Boondock Saints: A film about two Irish brothers that are called upon by God to clean up the streets of Boston and become holy vigilantes. Porn Version - Poondock Saints: Two Irish brothers are called upon to show the girls of a Boston catholic school what St. Patrick did with all the snakes in Ireland. (Spoiler: The snakes are in their pants.)

4. Sherlock Holmes: The legendary detective and opiate addict is called to solve the case of a resurrected Lord and uncover his evil plot. Porn Version - Surecock Holmes: London’s greatest detective must infiltrate the city’s most exclusive S & M club to find a murderer all the while fighting off the influence of Professor Bonearty. (Spoiler: Bonearty is in his pants.)

3. Snakes on a Plane: Samuel L. Jackson must battle a plane full of snakes that were smuggled aboard and stay alive long enough to land the plane and lead the survivors to safety. Porn Version - Trouser Snakes on a Plane: A porn magnate smugglers a group of woodsmen on a plane who are accidentally released. A female passenger must satisfy there needs to calm them and keep their raging hard-ons from skewering the innocent passengers. (Spoiler: The Trouser Snakes are in their pants.)

2. Transformers: A group of alien robots that can transform in cars must discover the all spark and keep it from the clutches of the evil Decepticons. Porn Version - Trannyformers: A group of women can transform into men just by talking their pants off. They must find the all cock and bleed it dry in order to save the world from the most powerful money shot. (Spoiler: The all cock is in someone’s pants.)

1. G.I. Joe: An elite military force must fight an arms dealer and behind the scenes an evil genius trying to take over the world. Porn Version - G.I. Blow: A completely different film about a young woman at boot camp that just goes around giving servicemen blow jobs. What? You can’t get more patriotic that that. It’s like a porn version of an Officer and a Gentleman.

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