Top 5: Pervy World Records Broken in 2011

Top 5: Pervy World Records Broken in 2011

By Miles Holden on December 19, 2011

The year is nearly at a close, and you know what that means, the Internet is filled to the hilt with porn with retrospective “top” lists. We like trends just as much as the next blog over here at ZZInsider, and you know we aim to please, so with that in mind it should come as no surprise that our look back on 2011 will be filled with porny delight and semi-nudity (this is a safe for work blog after all – join the ZZ community for a peek at our NSFW content – it’s free!).

I’ve always thought that Guinness World Record should publish a sexy edition, but in the absence of such a collection I present to you the top 5 pervy world records of 2011 for your reading and viewing pleasure:

5. World’s Largest Skinny Dip

Getting naked for a good cause kicks ass! Almost 400 people got naked and went for a swim together at Wales' Rhossili Beach to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Not only were they helping sick people out, but they also made it onto this list, so, you know, kudos.

4. Most People Taking a Shower Together

Last August, a group of 152 men and women took a shower together on Bournemouth Beach in the UK, beating the previous American record of 145 people under one shower head.

I think all co-ed college dorms should take a cue from these people and install giant shower heads in their bathrooms.

3. World’s Largest Bra

Breast cancer is shitty, no doubt, but breast cancer awareness is usually awesome, especially when it involves a 1222B cup on London's ITV Southbank Tower. The only thing that would have made this pervy record better would have been a great big pair of tits to go with the world’s largest bra.  

2. Most People in a Single Pair of Underwear

We need to rev up our sexy stunts, because London is kicking our American ass when it comes to pervy world records: 57 people fit in the same pair of pink skivvies at the London Docklands… to fight…poverty?

1. Longest Tongue in California

Chanel Tapper’s tongue measures 3.8 inches from tip to upper lip, 0.6 inches shy of the world record, which is held by a man in the UK, and nowhere near as long as Gene Simmons’ tongue (KISS) which is rumored to be 7 inches long (if you believe the Internet… and I don’t… not in this case anyhow). 

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