Top 5: Sex Scenes in Video Games

Top 5: Sex Scenes in Video Games

By Miles Holden on August 08, 2011

Watch out over-protective parents of the world you might want to keep your kids away from these video games. You wouldn’t want to corrupt their fragile little minds. For those of you whose minds are already beyond repair, I’m sure you’ve seen worse, but these video game sex scenes might keep you entertained long enough for you all to think of something more perverse to do with your time then press on buttons all day.

Oh wait, there is nothing better to do.

5. Dragon Age: Origins – The Tent

Lesbian sex scenes are rampant in video games (and everywhere else), but two men getting it on in a video game is a rarer thing.

Does the fact that one of them is an elf make it less controversial? I don’t know, but I can tell you that a of people would have enjoyed The Lord of the Rings saga a lot more if Aragorn has shagged Legolas in a tent before the big battle.

Best line: “Is there something in your tent that needs…assassinating?”

4. God of War 3 – Aphrodite’s Bedroom

It’s been a while since Aphrodite has had a “real man” in her chambers and she’s only too happy when the former God of War, Kratos, barges into her bedroom and interrupts the threesome she had going on with two of her maids.

What’s a gamer to do? Jump in bed with Aphrodite of course and make sure she has a kick ass orgasm if you want to win the game.

Best line: “Why does Aphrodite always get to have all the fun?”

3. Mass Effect 2 – Massive Effects

Interspecies lesbian romances, sexual exploration with aliens, intergalactic coupling, gender swapping protagonists, huh, having to get your lover in bed with stellar dialogue; it’s the best game ever!

Best line: “I’ve never considered cross species intercourse before.”

2. Heavy Rain – The Dark Bedroom

This interactive film noir thriller puts the players in control of the intertwining lives of four characters. With the push of a button the story unfolds with every choice you make, including whether or not your character will get down in dirty during the many sexual encounters of the game.

Best line: Huh, does the sound of rain count?

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – The Hot Coffee

You weren’t able to see this notorious sex scene unless you knew how to unlock the deleted content. Trust me when I say that it didn’t take long for the word to get around and that a butt load of gamers got to see “CJ” get so excited he forgot to take his pants off while he got a little taste of coffee.

This sex scene was so full of hilarious dialogue it was hard to just pick one line. Oh that “CJ” he’s such a charmer, especially when he’s pushing up and down on that lovely ladies head.

Best line: “I ain’t insecure, but tell me I’m great.”

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