Top 5: Sex Toys For Women

Top 5: Sex Toys For Women

By Miles Holden on February 01, 2012

What, you thought I would do a Top 5: Sex Toys For Men post and then not do one for women? Well, you were damn wrong. Damn wrong, I say. I’m all about fairness and equality when it comes to sex. Besides, if anyone needs help giving a woman an orgasm it’s the single straight man. Dudes need to learn how to relax and drop the penis insecurity when it comes to bringing a few toys into the bedroom. You don’t need to run your tongue ragged (although, I’m told that’s always appreciated) after a hard day at the office wanking it to Brazzers all ay to please your lady. Not when you can buy you’re darling one of these babies for Valentine’s Day.

5. Vibrating Cock Ring

Why would I include a cock ring in a top 5 list of sex toys for women? Because, it vibrates, yo, unlike your pelvic bone, which doesn’t. That’s right, the vibrating bullet on a cock ring will nestle quite nicely against your lady friend’s clit. Orgasms guaranteed.


4. Squeal Wheel

Lost your tongue in a bizarre gardening accident? This little baby will take care of the job for you. Oral sex becomes a breeze with the squeal wheel and its multiple tongues.


3. The Silver Bullet

The clitoris is an important part of female sexuality. No duh. You can fuck a girl all day and all night, but if you forget about her clit, she may still cum like a fountain, but she’ll complain to your friends about your forgetfulness. The silver bullet is the perfect tool for the job. No lady can resist its sweet vibration.


2. Fun Wand

Yale scientist might not be able to find the G-Spot, but they’ve got nothing on Willow. Unless your dick is curved and hard as steel, you might need a little help hitting your girlfriend’s G-Spot juuust right. And from what I hear around the sex blogs out there, the Fun Wand is the perfect G-Spot stimulator.

1. The Rabbit

Were any of you dudes forced to watch Sex and the City with your girlfriends? Do you remember when the gals went vibrator shopping and the uptight, park avenue one, buys a rabbit and gets addicted? There’s a good reason, this baby is a quadruple threat; there’s a vibrating bullet for the clit, a dildo for penetration, twirling beads for… well... I’m not sure what, and a rotating head for G-Spot action. It’s a motherfucking win, baby. 

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