Top 5 Songs About Female Masturbation

Top 5 Songs About Female Masturbation

By Willow Monroe on December 05, 2012

Music and sex go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, Fred and Ginger, or really, any two things that enhance each other with symmetry and beauty. I’ve let you know before that music makes my juices flow (total melolagniac), but did you know that some infamous chart toppers that I’ve masturbated to are actually about girls jilling-off? A few of these may surprise you, but that’s where the fun lies. Listen to these tunes, and hear them again for the first time.

5. Icicle

Tori Amos

And when my hand touches myself, I can finally rest my head, And when they say take of his body, I think I'll take from mine instead…

4. Touch of My Hand

Britney Spears

'Cause I just discovered, Imagination's taking over, Another day without a lover, The more I come to understand, The touch of my hand…

 3. Toyz

Missy Eliot

You don't get the job done when I need a little loving, So I gotta do it myself if I wanna feel something… The way it make you feel, Every girl has a toy now, baby!

2. Fingers


I’m alone now, Staring at the ceiling... When it’s late at night and you’re fast asleep, I let my fingers do the walking... 'cause I need more than you are gonna give.

1. She-Bop

Cyndi Lauper

I see 'em every night in tight blue jeans, in the pages of a blue boy magazine. I've been thinking of a new sensation, I'm picking up… good vibrations…

Bonus Track: I Touch Myself

The Divinyls

I don't want anybody else, when I think about you I touch myself…    

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