Top 5 Songs Sung by Pornstars

Top 5 Songs Sung by Pornstars

By Olive Day on February 17, 2011

The other day while reading some top 5 articles on Peeperz I came across the creeptastic porn flick, “Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy” in its entirety. While watching in a hypnotic daze provoked by amazement and sheer horror, I realized the concept of porn and music mixing together was completely blowing my mind. Why are porn musicals not a normal thing? Sure, I read about ex porn queen Jenna Jameson’s plans to release an album back in April 2010, but I hadn’t actually thought about pornstars belting out show tunes or laying down sweet rap verses to a sick bass line. So I did what any other normal person would do; I began a quest on the internet for footage of pornstars singing.

I was surprised to find that many pornstars, at one point or another, had attempted at a music career. Traci Lords even had a song on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack! These are my favorite pornstars singing videos I found on the internet.

aTelecine (Sasha Grey) - Smuggler

While Sasha Grey isn’t really a pornstar at the moment, she still has enough daddy issues to make it on my list. I firmly believe that her band aTelecine was her next step to sanction her uber hipster status. After appearing in porn, American Apparel ad's, popular music videos, Vice, independent movies, there wasn't much more she could do asides from forming a band. I’ll just let their short bio set up the theme for this song:

We three make the sort of music that speaks to us ...speaks to the person that’s closer to finding out things that most don't...sometimes difficult and sometimes confrontational but always true to who we are , if even in a for motivation ...all i can say is ..."exterminate all rational thought" .. .. 

Shauna Sand & Anna Garcia - Everybody Wants 2  B A Pornstar

Who gave these girls two turntables and a microphone? While Shauna Sand isn’t IN this video (or singing) TMZ obtained a new version of the hit, “Everybody wants 2 B A Pornstar” sung by nude model Anna Garcia that shows Shauna moaning, “This is not a sextape, Je n’ais pas une sex tape.” While being vigorously groped on a fake beach. If you’re not down with the language of love, the second line translates to; I am not a sex tape. Cool idea for a song girls. I could only imagine how you came about this collaboration.  

Ron Jeremy - Freak of the Week

If you weren’t around for the awesomeness that was the early 90’s or were too coked up, I feel sorry for you. You missed a lot of really weird shit like those dancing flowers, Orbitz pop and the world’s obsession with JELL-O Pudding…. Oh yeah, and Ron Jeremy rapping with some DJ named Polo. I can’t find the lyrics anywhere on the internet and I’m really sad about that but apparently you can get it on vinyl on Discogs for 20 bucks.

Samantha Ryan - Unknown Title

This is possibly the best thing I found while searching for musical pornstars. It’s Samantha Ryan killing it on piano singing a song that she wrote herself! I really don’t know where this YouTube channel got the video; I can only assume it was her killing time before she went on a live webcam feed for her XXX site. If you have any info about this let me know!

Edit: A reader has told me that this song is from the movie RAW 4 from Evil Angel.  Thanks Lewlew!

Dyanna Lauren - Silent Night/Feliz Navidad

Dyanna Lauren has actually been around in the music industry for a while. She sang and appeared on the Marilyn Manson song New Model Number 15 on the album Mechanical Animals, sang at the AVN awards in 2008, and sang for the rock band Thousand Year Itch which released one album in 2000. But, her most memorable singing stunt has to be the very weird appearance in, “Moby Presents:  Alien Sex Party” when she sang Silent Night/ Feliz Navidad in a sex shop accompanied by Moby who is wearing two dildos on his head. Yay Electronica!

Honorable Mention: Paris Hilton - Nothing in This World

Everyone’s favorite hoe-bag heiress Paris Hilton released an album a couple of years ago called Paris which the notorious artist Banksy defaced by calling her bluff on her original claim to fame; a sex tape. I understand that one way or another Paris would be shoved down our proverbial throats through the media but she sky rocketed onto the tabloids because of a sex tape which makes her fit for an honorable mention on this list. What creeps me out about this is the fact that this boy’s parents are totally chill with having posters of a woman who is famous for a sex tape in his bedroom. I’m sorry but whispering sweet nothings into a 12 year old’s ear will never fly with me no matter how much he’s into it. That is a little questionable.

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