Top: Pornstars In Music Videos

Top: Pornstars In Music Videos

By Olive Day on January 11, 2011

Like a stripper loves her pole, musicians can’t get enough of their pornstars. I’m actually confident in saying that children, in all likelihood, learn about the porn industry thanks to risqué themed music videos. Well. Maybe not now since MTV & Much Music no longer play music videos but I’m sure it could’ve been a fair call in the70’s - 90’s.

Sure, I remember the discovery of penthouse magazines my friend’s older brother threw into the trees so their parents wouldn’t find them when I was in grade five but I can safely say the first time I really made the connection to hot ladies, boobs, and porno was because of Blink 182. (I attended a Mennonite school for jr.high-high school so porn was like sci-fi to me) Or maybe it was Leonardo DiCaprio in those hot Studio 54 trailers. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that asides from Charlie Sheen, musicians have a pretty long wrap with the porn industry because porn stars are cool & so are music videos. Here are my 5 favorite pornstar music videos. Click through the screenshots to see the videos.

Feel free to make a mix tape.

The Roots: Birthday Gir Ft. Patrick Stump - Pornstar: Sasha Grey

In this music video Sasha is pissed that she doesn't to get a birthday gang bang.

TAINTSTICK: Monkeys of War -  Pornstar: Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel gets railed by a gorrila in a pick up truck.

Eminem: Superman - Pornstar: Gina Lynn

10 bucks Eminem had a boner the entire shoot.

Blink 182: What's My Age Again? - Pornstar: Janine Lindemulder

What's up High School?

Rilo Kiley: The Moneymaker - Pornstars: Faye Runaway, Hayley Young and Tommy Gunn


This video is the full version (12 minutes) but I swear there is a song at the end at around 9:20.

Special Mentions:

The White Stripes: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself - Star With a Sex Tape: Kate Moss


Kate Moss had sex and filmed it with Pete Doherty. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Kanye West: Flashing Lights Ft. Dwele - Erotic Model: Rita G.

I'm so thankful Kanye's people chose such an amazing concept; Rita walking around in fuck all. So deep.

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