Trojan Truck Brings Good Vibrations to the Streets of New York

Trojan Truck Brings Good Vibrations to the Streets of New York

By Miles Holden on July 29, 2011

If you’re in New York City this weekend you better get ready to feel the heat of the motherfucking city streets. In a new brilliant promotional ploy by Trojan, the condom manufacturer is bringing safe sex and good vibrations to late night bar hounds in the guise of a truck.

The good vibrations Trojan mobile will be roaming the streets passing out condoms and vibrating cock rings to people who are out looking for a good time. Five lucky New Yorkers will also run the chance of winning a good ol’ vibrator as a thank you for stopping by the condom hut on wheels.

Sex educator Dr. Logan Levkoff will be on bus duty ready, willing, and able to answer any questions you might have. Sex related questions that is, I mean, you can ask how to bake a turkey, but I can’t tell you whether she’ll be able to help you out there. The good doctor will even be able to provide you with an iPad quiz that will match you up with the perfect vibrator; a Trojan vibe of course.

Hell, they’re not perfect and everyone needs to make a buck, and what better way to save one then getting your prophylactics for free. Unlike the ones you snatched up in your high school Sex Ed class, you might even get to use these if you play your cards right.

You never know, maybe the good doctor is single and looking for a steamy night on the town. What’s that they used to say about vans? Oh yeah, If it’s a rocking don’t come a knocking. Words to live by my friend, words to live by. That and safe sex rocks! Oh, and free shit too.

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