Turn your Vibrator into a Computer!

Turn your Vibrator into a Computer!

By Olive Day on May 26, 2011

Well, not literally but maybe! Adult sex toy website Lovehoney which hails from the UK has started a program entitled ‘Rabbit Amnesty’ urging girls and guys to send in their sex toys for recycling.

“Send us your battered and bruised sex toys and we’ll give you Lovehoney loyalty points that you can swap for shiny new toys. The more toys you send us to recycle, the more free toys you can get.” Boasts the website,  “And for every toy we recycle, we'll make a donation to the World Land Trust, as well as discovering sexual happiness with all-new sex toys, you’ll help save the environment too. How's that for guilt-free pleasure?!”

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me! I guess this recovered sex toy idea may get a couple of you squeamish thinking about all of the recycled products you have around your house that may include remnants of something that was once up someone’s hoo ha, but recycling your toys is way better than millions of baby blue rubber dongs sitting in a landfill for eternity.

So, how do they do it? According to new recycling regulations in the UK, all electrical equipment must be disposed of at an electrical waste collection center. What Rabbit Amnesty does is act as the middle man for people who may feel a bit uncomfortable going to the recycling site with their electrical bedfellows.

"Rabbit Amnesty is a unique way for rabbit lovers to enjoy cleaner, greener orgasms," says Lovehoney head buyer Bonny Hall. "By sending an old rabbit to Lovehoney, customers not only get the satisfaction of having it recycled - without the inconvenience or embarrassment of taking a used sex toy to a local council rubbish dump - they also receive Oh! Points to put towards a brand new sex toy or lingerie at Lovehoney."

Rabbit Vibrators will earn you 500 Oh! Points while other vibrators and miscellaneous items will get you 100.

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