Turns Out Women Like Sex Too

Turns Out Women Like Sex Too

By Jacob Carson on February 15, 2011

I know this will come as a shock to many of the men in the audience that went to bed last night with blue balls because your partner had "a headache" or whatever other ailment she claimed to have, which forced you to rub one out into a Kleenex instead of her love nest. Whatever the case, I stand by my statement and I have proof! The Dutch - makers of delicious chocolates and apparently hoards of perverted women - have shown me indisputable evidence that women like their porn.

I present to you Exhibit A: The Dutch TV channel known as "Dusk" is claiming to be the first channel to provide non-stop porn and erotic entertainment in Europe and guess who their target audience is? WOMEN! After being in business for almost three years they claim to have over 1.2 million viewers.

Airing on the Netherlands two largest cable networks Dusk was started after a survey found that over half of Dutch women watched porn and another 78% wanted a channel of their own. The channel was started by Martijn Broersm, a former cable industry veteran. Broersm is a stanch promoter of his product saying, “Women really like to see explicit content. They want proof that it’s really happening, that it’s not fake.”

With this goal in mind the channel focuses on authentic productions where the women really enjoy the sex not just the pay check. To meet this needs actors come from a variety of backgrounds including theatre actresses, dancers and even passionate amateurs who are not ashamed to make love on camera.

Despite their focus on women, you may be shocked to find out that men like porn too. I know I was! Both men, women and even couples can give feedback through interactive on-line forums. The audience drives the programming they most want to watch.

I know your envious but all hope is not lost for us on the other side of the ocean. At least I think there's an ocean between us, I was never very good at geography. However, I am good at tracking porn and Broersm and his colleagues believe there's an untapped market of horny women right here in the United States also waiting for porn made with them in mind. Who knows, pretty soon American women might have their own porn network right here in the States.

Although, how awkward will it be to come up and find your wife watching porn surrounded by Kleenexes, lube and her pants down around her ankles? Hmmm. On second thought, lets address these issues one step at a time.

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