Twitterview with Milf-tastic Veronica Avluv

Twitterview with Milf-tastic Veronica Avluv

By Stefanie Saint on December 17, 2010

Our one and only social media guru, Kesh Belmont, got a chance to hold the first ever Twitterview with the lovely Veronica Avluv. New to the business this MILF extraordinaire is taking the industry by storm. Originally only appearing in lesbian scenes, Ms Avluv debuted her B/G skills during the unforgettable Brazzers Live 8 event. And she already has fans screaming for more.

All we have to say is that we hope her husband realizes what a lucky, lucky man he is.



ZZINSIDER: First off thank you so much for taking yoour time in doing this. Have you ever done a twitterview before?

VERONICA AVLUV: Thank you for having me!! No, I've never done this before. I'm so honoured to be the first twitterview for you guys!

 ZZINSIDER: You've heard it right here! ZZinsider has popped Veronica's cherry for a twitterview. Time to squirt out some tweets! lol

VERONICA AVLUV: Hahahah!!! Funny you mention squirting! Did you get a load of how I cum? I'm a VERY multi orgasmic lady and big squirter!


ZZINSIDER: So hun, for those that don’t know you, tell us who you are in 140 characters or less.

VERONICA AVLUV: I'm 38, mother of 3, married to @HansAvluvXXX Love sex, music, cooking, reading, writing and people! I also LOVE to laugh!

ZZINSIDER: OH YES, You stole the show at the @brazzers live show this past Tuesday with your squirting. How was that experience for you?

VERONICA AVLUV: OMG! Amazing!! I've never done group before and that was my B/G debut! I've always fantasized about group sex. My dream cum true! ;) Oh, I have to shout out to @KeiranLee He set me up with @Brazzers for shooting BG- he's an awesome friend and fuck!!!

KEIRAN LEE - @ZZinsider I'm just a shy stunt's all about the ladies...they all did great and was some debut by @VeronicaAvluvXX

VERONICA AVLUV: Ummm you have an Amazing cock Keiran- you're so cute!!! I love how humble you are! Biggest I've ever had!! Xoxo

ZZINSIDER: So the live show was yoyour B/G debut - wow - now that’s a way to make an impact! What made you decide to finally do a B/G scene?

VERONICA AVLUV: I've always wanted to, but wasn’t quite comfortable diving right in after 1for yrs of marriage.

ZZINSIDER: Whoa from his profile pic it looks like @HansAvluvXXX (Veronica's Husband) is one lucky guy, so both of you are in the adult industry?

VERONICA AVLUV: Yes! @HansAvluvXXX actually taught me how to squirt! He's a master at oral and well hung!! Very good lover and friend. And yes, @HansAvluvXXX Is in the industry- as a performer and photog, retoucher, web designer, film editor etc

ZZINSIDER: Both you and your hubby are in the business – do you ever get jealous of each other? Or is there a mutual understanding?

VERONICA AVLUV: I'm not the jealous type. I'm wired like a guy that way. It should be a privilege to spend time with someone, not an obligation

FAN QUESTION ( @Slickerous1) Have you always been a very sexual person or was it your husband Hans who helped you be free to express yourself?

VERONICA AVLUV: To some degree, yes. But I'm also in my 30's and as I've grown older, I've realized that I'm exactly who I'm supposed to be.

VERONICA AVLUV: It's hard sometimes to overcome what society tells you is acceptable. I've always been bi but was so afraid to even admit it to myself

VERONICA AVLUV: untill I was seduced by an older and very beautiful woman- I was 19.

 ZZINSIDER: So at the age of 19 you had your first g/g experience?

 VERONICA AVLUV: Yes! I worked in Dallas at Cabaret Royale at the time and this gorgeous brunette in her 30's took me home one night and kissed me

VERONICA AVLUV: I was so shocked and turned on at the same time!! She just laid me down and licked me all over! I did make her cum- it tasted so good!

ZZINSIDER: Whoa - so did this experience lead you to the adult biz? Like what made you decide to get in the biz in the 1st place?

VERONICA AVLUV: No, but it helped me to begin to accept myself. I'm here because, like @ninaland I really LOVE sex! It's a healthy thing.

VERONICA AVLUV: it keeps me young and relaxed to have sex. I’ve always been an exhibitionist- porn is perfect for me! My body responds to sex and

VERONICA AVLUV: I want to share that joy with others!!

ZZINSIDER: - so @ninaland introduced u to the biz? And what was your first ever scene?

VERONICA AVLUV: She didn't introduce me to it, but she inspires me with her authenticity. @DylanRyderxxx contacted me to do hair/makeup for a shoot and I started asking her questions. She gave me good advice and I thought it sounded like something I'd Love! So I dove in!!

 My 1st scene was with @TheJessiPalmer (she's yummy) for a lesbian company- GF Films. I was turned on by @TheJessiPalmer she's sweet and Gorgeous!! It was only hard to remember porn angles- I wanted to bury my face in her.

 ZZINSIDER: Hot hot hot! So if you can describe your first ever scene and how you felt for yoyour first scene behind a camera

VERONICA AVLUV: you know how it is, you have to show the camera what you’re doing. If cameras aren't involved, my face is buried in the pussy I lick.

ZZINSIDER: Lol! those dam angles! Yoyour first scene with us was for @mofosnetwork a scene with @xCAPRiANDERSONx - - how was it workin with her?avluv_400

VERONICA AVLUV: Well, she's Gorgeous, as you know! We made friends; she was sweet, sassy and tasty!! Great to work with!

ZZINSIDER: What did you think of her incident with Charlie Sheen? Any comments or thoughts on it?

VERONICA AVLUV: Well, I did follow it for a bit. If she's smart, which I think she is, she'll make bank off interviews and some parody or something. I mean it's sad Charlie Sheen has so many self inflicted problems- but Capri needs to think of herself and be a smart business woman.

 ZZINSIDER: That’s for sure hun - I mean Charlie Sheen should just go into porn - lol.

VERONICA AVLUV: Oh Boy!!! But first Rehab please!!! Drugged out whacko people are not fun to work with and are very unreliable on many levels.. ;-)

ZZINSIDER: So let’s step away from the adult world -Christmas is coming up - what’s on your wish list? And do you have any plans?

VERONICA AVLUV: Wishes- shoot 2 scenes before Xmas, warm cozy times with my kids and laugh a lot! I have a wish list I'm putting up 2.My plans are to enjoy my family and friends and take nothing for granted!!! ;-) I'd like to say, reuniting with so many of my old friends here and meeting new ones since I've retourned has really warmed my heart!

ZZINSIDER: Beautiful hun, very inspiring! So do you have any guilty pleasures?

VERONICA AVLUV: Well, no... I think I'm pretty much at the point in my life that if I'm going to do something, I won't feel guilty about it. I mean, the group sex debut was something I had never done and always wanted - maybe if I had been in my 20's I would’ve felt guilty. I know!!! I love cheese and wine!!! That's a guilty pleasure I guess.

FAN QUESTION (@Slickerous1) What's your top 3 songs for feature dancing to?

VERONICA AVLUV: I've been a stripper since I was 17. I adore Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe- I love to strip!

ZZINSIDER: Haha - well is there anything out there you want your fans to know? Anything you would like to share?

VERONICA AVLUV: Yes! I appreciate all of you! I want to bring my brand of pleasure into your lives! It makes me happy to give others joy in any way!

ZZINSIDER: Hun this was an absolute pleasure popping your twitterview cherry - thank you so much for doing this and we would love to this again with you, perhaps with a web cam this time, lol.

VERONICA AVLUV: WooHoo! My favourite thing to do! Share pleasure ;-* I'm so honoured to have had this time to share with all of you! Have a great Xmas and and Happy New Year! I'd be thrilled to be on a web cam interview! That sounds like a blast!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

ZZINSIDER: Alright hun, enjoy the holidays have a good new year and we hope to enjoy all your squirts and scenes! xoxo cheers!

VERONICA AVLUV: Cheers, Squirts and Love!! Muah!

ZZINSIDER: Be sure to check out @VeronicaAvluvXX on @mofosnetwork and her @brazzers Live 8 scene will be up soon.

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