UK Thinking of Banning Porn. Porn Thinking of Banning UK

UK Thinking of Banning Porn. Porn Thinking of Banning UK

By Jacob Carson on December 20, 2010

Sure, they have no problem introducing their children to blood pudding and Johnny Rotten, but put a little poon in their tang and the Brits get all up in arms.

England’s Communications Minister is working with the country’s major Internet providers to see how they can block adult content on every computer in the country. Yep, not only can you not look at porn at work … a travesty in my opinion… but if conservatives get their way, you won’t be able to watch it at home either.

Why are they  banning porn? First step towards controlling the internet. No, wait. Whataboutthechildren?  They’re afraid children are being introduced to sex too early. Have you seen British television lately? There is more sex on the BBC and Channel 4 then in my bedroom and that is saying a lot. Ok, so maybe it isn’t, but there is still a lot of sex on British television.

Apparently, the beef isn’t with computers themselves, but with the creation of web ready television. Children are apparently staying up late to watch a little slap and tickle and its worrying the stuffy shirt wig wearers of the country.

Government officials are saying they are not doing this to be anti-porn, but instead are simply looking out for the best interest of their children. Really? Have you seen the redhead on Dr. Who lately? I can guarantee you there is more than a little hand lotion purchased because of her alone and not just in my house.

I’m interested to hear from those consenting adults that don’t have any children. The ones that can stay up all night watching porn until the wee hours of the morn without children dropping by. I don’t know about you, but it would make me want to leave the county because of oppression, revolt and start my own nation. Wait, never mind. We already did that.

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