Vivid Launches Google TV Channel

Vivid Launches Google TV Channel

By Ron Ecstasy on November 10, 2011

Our comrades in cum, Vivid, have taken a bold step in thumbing their noses at normie media. The Los Angeles based company recently launched their application for Google TV, a set-top device that gives a user access to all of the video wonder the web has to offer,  but with the functionality of a proper cable setup.

But let’s clarify this. Vivid hasn’t so much created an app, as much as they’ve optimized an existing website for the Google product by using HTML 5. Because all Google TV really does is trawl the net looking for whatever the viewer searches, Vivid simply made it easier to find and search their content.

"It is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept, which gives fans unified access to our content through their personal computers, mobile devices, tablets, television sets and DVD players," Said Steven Hirsch, founder of Vivid.

For all the worry-wart tech moms out there, don’t fret, Google hasn’t become an enabler of porn. Vivid is just doing what any content company would do, better serving its customers by implementing new technology. To that effect the notoriously liberal Google released a bare  bones press statement that essentially said. “Anybody can do this, it’s the 21st century and don’t any of y’all dare get pissed about this.” They also explained that the parental controls are very easy to use.

Though for those who might cry foul at Google “allowing” Vivid to have a channel, there are many steps In the way of toddlers getting to the porno stash. First of all there are Google’s inherent parental controls. Next there’s the fact that in order to view the content you actually have to be subscribed to Vivid’s site. Finally, the sad truth, nobody really uses Google TV anyway.  Well, not nobody, but it isn’t exactly a heavily saturated technology. Surely there are plenty of similarly offensive things on the average cable package.

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