Top 5 Sex Gifs

Top 5 Sex Gifs

By Ron Ecstasy on September 29, 2011

Hey all you guys and girls in internet land. As you've probably already imagined we spend a lot of time on the net looking for sex content to run up on you with. Sometimes they're bizarre stories of the desperate and depraved, other times it's a pornstar gone wrong and still other times it's something so pointless and stupid that we can't help but show off our discovery. No I'm not talking about the M4W section of Craigslsit, I'm talking about Sex GIFs!

Now the bad part, for a variety of reasons we can't embed these GIFs directly What we can do though is give you a giant fucking link to click on. So go on now, and observe the best the internet has to offer, at least when you google "difficult sex positions."

Click on the headers to view the NSFW GIFs in all their educational glory!

All images provided by, al censorship provided by Ron E himself.

The Ballerina

Very difficult move. Only to be attempted by the very limber.

ballerina paint


The Bumper Cars

Not your average day at the races. Be sure not to break your dick off in there.

bumper cares paint

The Super Woman

Fantasies aside, this one is pretty sweet, especially if you do it on that cool colonial sofa.

superowman paint


The Kneeling 69

You gott have a strong core for this one, make sure your lady keeps her head in the game or your dick'll be toast.

69 paint

The Pile Driver

If you and your lover have some kind of early 90s WWF sex fantasy that's your business.

pile driver paint

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