Where Are They Now: Hyapatia Lee

Where Are They Now: Hyapatia Lee

By Stefanie Saint on November 10, 2010

During the 80’s and early 90’s, Hyapatia Lee’s dark hair and Native American features set her apart from the bubblegum blondes that seemed to be crawling out of the pornographic wood work.

Lee was born Vicki Lynch inHyapatia-Lee Indiana and won the Miss Nude Galaxy Contest in 1979. She starred in her first adult film in 1983 and had   steady work until her retirement in 1993.  Lee was a good reason Kleenex and hand lotion stocks skyrocketed during the Miami Vice era.

Teenage boys, adult men and more than a few women were transfixed by her beauty and ability to make any scene spankable. She starred in such adult hits at Ribald Tale of Canterbury, but always had a love for music, dancing and the stage.

After retiring from the industry in 1993, Lee moved back to her home state of Indiana where she home schooled her children and became an active member of the theatrical community. It seems a porn star at some point has to have a band and Hyapatia was no different.  The former star was involved with bands from Los Angeles and Indiana.

Unlike many retired actresses who may shun the industry, Lee seems to have taken a more enlightened approach to her time as a sex actress. Her Myspace profile offers fans the ability to buy copies of her old DVDs as well as get signed 8 x10 of the mature actress.

Lee now lives a comparatively normal life in Indiana and still loves the stage, just not on her back. Not only has she acted in several plays, but also has choreographed many due to her love and training in dance.

If you would like to keep up with this former porn megastar, you can friend her on Myspace at:http://www.myspace.com/hyapatialee1.

She is not on all the time, but we have had some correspondence with her but she prefers not to go on about her porn career. Hyapatia Lee is a class act and always has been whether it’s on the XXX screen, musical stage or theater.

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