Where are they now: Sharon Mitchell

Where are they now: Sharon Mitchell

By Jacob Carson on December 16, 2010

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sharon_400_01During the 80’s Sharon Mitchell was a porn star with a unique look. She was rail thin and short cropped hair and was not afraid to get down and dirty when the situation demanded.  Usually appearing as either a dominatrix or soft butch lesbian in her more than 2,000 movies, Sharon was active for more than 25 years in the industry.

Even through Mitchell’s numerous struggles of drug addiction, an attack from a stalker that nearly killed her and numerous STD’s both from the industry and needle use, she has remained not only a survivor but a pioneer.

 Mitchell has always been an advocate of adult film actors as well as sex workers in general. When she retired, Mitchell studied and received a Ph.D in human sexuality, a topic in which she was well versed.

In the late 90’s, an AIDS scare in the adult industry affected many of the actors that she had worked with while in the business and she founded the AIM (Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation) to gather blood samples from adult film actors and test them for AIDS and other diseases.sharon_mitchell_1_120

This was an attempt to keep the industry and the people that Mitchell loved safe.  She has also advocated on behalf of sex workers in other countries including Africa and Hungary and has reached out to strip clubs and other venues to ensure proper care and treatment of performers.

Mitchell now speaks at conferences and other venues about HIV prevention and is a featured speaker at the U.S. Conference on AIDS.

Mitchell has bumped heads with many individuals and organizations during her tenure as an advocate, but that has only stiffened her resolve. Along with her health care work, Mitchell has a thriving clinical sexology private practice in California.

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  • On March 06, 2013, Woodywood03 said...

    Good for you, there should be more people that will guard against diseases like AIDS.