Why We Love: Phoenix Marie

Why We Love: Phoenix Marie

By Olive Day on August 29, 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Just like the real world, there are all different kinds of girls in the porn world. Skinny, curvy, glamorous, tattooed, preppy… We’ve got them all! There are literally thousands of girls you can choose from to lust over depending on your type, mood and kink factor. Like the thousands of girls there are literally hundreds of reasons why porn lovers love Phoenix Marie.

This girl transcends so many different sex niches it’s kind of hard to keep track! So I’ve taken it to twitter to ask her biggest fans (and herself): why you love @PMarizzle? She's incredibly talented, sexy & wild but what else makes your dick thick?!

LukeIsBack: because she is beautiful, quirky, and funny and has a big warm heart, and always makes funny faces J

MrDerrickMann: World's Hottest Tomboy... Disneyland fanatic... ATV loving... and she like's sex too!

alpingamb: looks like my 1st teen girlfriend. She is awesome, spontaneous and she GOT ASS!

cgp99: To be that sexy and still be a bigger geek then me :)

PMarizzle: I'm Crazy W/O The Additives

dgl_76: Her stunning looks and her Big juicy Ass!!

baddog12k : She's beautiful, blonde and a sweet heart. I've been lucky enough to meet her. Sexy and sweet. Love that combo

MarkyMarcelus: Awesome curves, great wit, and a very elastic ass.

Chris_Madsen: She used to wrestle (that’s like honey badger cool), she's great at talking dirty and her laugh is really nice :) ♥

JohnnyFromTheD: Her sexuality. I don’t know if I could handle her but would love 2 try

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