Wicked Wednesday: Wax Play

Wicked Wednesday: Wax Play

By Willow Monroe on April 18, 2012

One of the simplest and sexiest ways to amp up the heat in the bedroom is to introduce a little wax play. Nothing heightens pleasure like a little pain, and as long as you use a little common sense, incorporating wax play into your sex life is fairly innocuous.

In a BDSM scene, a dom will use a lighted candle to dribble melted wax onto the sub. The sub can be blindfolded, so that he or she doesn’t know whether the next sensation will be a small trickle, a searing splash, or a lover’s kiss. Once the wax sets on the skin, it can easily be scraped off, and this too can be part of the erotic fun.   

The heat of the falling wax can be controlled by several means. The first and most important to consider has to do with the type of candle being used. Candles can be made from various substances including paraffin, beeswax, and soy, each of which burn at different temperatures. Paraffin burns the least hot, beeswax, the hottest.  Also to be considered is that candles that have added dyes and perfumes tend to burn hotter.  There are certain BDSM suppliers who have candles for purchase that burn at lower temperatures, but I don’t really think it’s necessary to go this route.  I would avoid the beeswax, stick to undyed, non-fragrant, candles.

One thing I always do is test out the temperature on myself first, by dribbling a bit of the wax on my own wrist, to get a sense of just how hot. And I never assume that two candles from the same box will burn at the same heat, as there can be variances, despite them coming from the same manufacturer.

The other way to control the temperature of the wax is by holding the candle further or closer to the targeted flesh. The higher the candle is held, the more time the wax has to cool as it falls through the air.

The next thing to consider in wax play, is where you want the wax to land. There are certain key areas to avoid, including the face, and especially the eyes. The anus, and vaginal cavities are definitely to be avoided, as is the head of the penis. Pretty much anything else is fair game.  Especially delightful areas to drip on to are the ass, the shoulders, and the nipples.   

One last thing to remember; wax is easy to peel off flesh, less easy to get out of hair. Have fun and play safe!


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