Willow’s Bow and Arrow: Inverted Nipples

Willow’s Bow and Arrow: Inverted Nipples

By Willow Monroe on March 20, 2012

*The ideas expressed in this column are for informational and entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for medical advice.

Dear Willow,

My girlfriend has inverted nipples. She wants to make them outies but I like them. I’ve tried to convince her to keep them the way they are but she won’t listen. What should I do?



Re: InniesAreAwesome

I have to admit that this is an issue that’s very near and dear to my heart.  As a gal with inverted nipples myself, I can empathize with your girlfriend. Gazing out into the vast sea of tits, it’s easy to overlook our kind entirely. It seems the most renowned of knockers come endowed with protruding nipples. Truth is, we may not stand out in the crowd but we’re here anyway. Some studies suggest that somewhere between ten to twenty percent of all women have been blessed with innie nipples, a stat that indicates that though babes with inverted nipples may be rare, they’re not exactly as rare as a pig in flight.

While some innie-gals have nipples that never protract, most of our kind have tits that like to play peek-a-boo. Now you see them. Now you don’t. The nipples will pop out of the areole when stimulated, sexually or otherwise. There are actually three kinds of inverted nipples, each type being designated by the extent of the inversion. They are rated as Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3, with Grade 1 being the most willing to come out and say hello, and Grade 3 being the most introverted.

It’s a shame that when a lady recognizes that there’s something different about her body, her first thought is often, how can I fix it so that I look like all the other girls?  If you Google search “inverted nipples,” the bulk of sites that first appear subscribe various cures for nipple inversion. As if it were an illness, or serious medical condition. Innies are uncommon but hardly fatal. Complications can occur should a woman with inverted nipples wish to breast feed, particularly within the Grade 3 type. However, medically speaking, nipple inversion is not something that can be categorized as a problem any more than dimples or freckles.

Of course, it’s likely your girlfriend is more concerned with the aesthetic of her tits, rather than the degree of their healthiness. The point is, she likely wants to augment her innies because she believes that outies are sexier. Letting her know just how hot you find her inverted nipples could help her to feel more comfortable about what the gods graced her with. Personally, I’ve never received a complaint about my innies, and most of my lovers have rather enjoyed the challenge of coercing my nipples to come out and play.

Another thing you might want to do is acquaint her with a few babes who ooze sex appeal but happen to have inside-out headlights. Neve Campbell is the first mainstream celeb that comes to mind. Otherwise, among Brazzers babes there’s Brooke Banner, Anita Queen, Ella Milano, and Krissy Lynn to name a few. All fabulously sexy ladies who just happen to have inverted nipples.

Ultimately, however, it will be your girlfriend’s choice as to whether or not she decides to augment her breasts. You can state the case for innies, but at the end of the day what she does with her body, is up to her. Just let her know that before taking action she should consult a physician.



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