Woman Sues Ex-Lover for Giving Her Herpes

Woman Sues Ex-Lover for Giving Her Herpes

By Olive Day on August 04, 2011

A 33-year-old married woman from Delevan, Wisconsin is suing her ex-lover, a 35-yearl-old man from Edgerton, also married, for the tidy sum of 350,000$ claiming that he knowingly gave her herpes.

The two adulterous love birds “had mutual contact through phone, instant messaging, Facebook, email and in person from summer of 2009 to June 2011,” the woman wrote in the lawsuit. “This contact included sharing confidences, flirting, touching, asking and eventually receiving provocative pictures of myself and multiple meetings.”

According to the lawsuit, the pair met one faithless evening in Janesville where the herpes infected dude initiated contact by holding the litigious chick’s hand, which eventually led to kissing and sexual activity.

The merit of the lawsuit is based on the fact that the stellar dude who was cheating on his wife was aware of his herpes condition and knowingly infected his mistress causing her both mental and physical harm. “The woman contends she has experienced panic attacks while driving with her spouse and children,” and “Her spouse is reluctant to have normal sexual relations because of her diagnosis.”

By normal sexual activity I’m assuming that he won’t go near her infected vagina, but does that make her mouth and ass fair game? Enquiring minds want to know what she means by normal sexual activity.

If I was this chick’s husband I wouldn’t be too anxious to get back on the gravy train, especially when that gravy train got herpes cheating on her husband. There might be a clue in that last sentence that would explain why he won’t touch her. Just saying.

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