Woman Sues Ex-Husband for 12 Million for not having Sex with Her

Woman Sues Ex-Husband for 12 Million for not having Sex with Her

By Olive Day on May 04, 2011

An Emirati man is currently in a court battle with his recently divorced wife because he put her through a four month sexual dry spell in the beginning of their marriage causing her mental anguish. How much does a couple sexless weeks cost? A cool 12 million!

"Considering the conservative Arab values and the woman's situation in such a society, I remained silent and tried to adapt [by] praying to God that things would improve," explained the troubled and sexually frustrated unidentified woman. She also claims that asides from depriving her of conjugal rights, he had also forced her out of employment and banned her for wearing any kind of jewelry.

I for one applaud this woman for her stance on her sexy penis rights. Although it seems that this man is actually in court for the fact that he forced her out of employment and stripped her of her jewelry, it’s totally believable that she would have also suffered from some sort of mental repercussions from not having any sort of sexual relations so big ups to her! What makes matters worse is that once the dry spell ended, she discovered that he suffered from erectile dysfunction reports Gulf News. Seriously, this marriage seems like it was a dud from the start.

No sexy times and no jewelry? Those are two of my biggest turn offs. I prefer to be sexed up hard while I'm being showered in a pool of rubies myself.

The case is pending before Dubai courts.

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