Woman Suing After Sex Toy Accident

Woman Suing After Sex Toy Accident

By Ron Ecstasy on October 13, 2011

So much for better sex through artificial phalluses. While many people swear by them, one Northern California woman who had a terrifying, near-fatal experience with a dildo is now suing the manufacturer.

April Bonjour—yes that is her real name, I’m also blown away at how porny it is—is suing sex toy manufacturer Pipedreams over a recent incident that led to significant bleeding and a trip to the ER.
Bonjour and her boyfriend were using the toy when she felt a sharp pain, after pulling it out the toy was covered in blood.

"During usage I felt a sharp pain inside my vagina," she wrote. "My boyfriend quickly removed the toy, it was covered with blood. My son was woken up so we could go to the hospital," she wrote. "He thought it I was dying...[and] quite frankly so did I."

Bonjour tried to stem the flow with pads and tampons but wore through her supply quickly. Once she started passing out the decision was made to rusher to the ER. After receiving a few pints of blood Bonjour stopped bleeding and was cleared to go home.

Bonjour is suing the company for the emotional stress she and her family had to endure during the episode, Pipedreams refused to compensate her after the incident.

I don’t know what model of pretend-cock Ms. Hello was putting up her puss, but this whole incident underscores the need to use safe and proper sex toys. Jelly rubber in particular has recently been phased out, due to the harmful chemicals it can emit.

While it isn’t clear if Pipedreams is at fault, this whole episode underscores the need to be aware of how and what sex toys you’re using. Lord knows nobody wants to get Fatty Arbuckled.

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