You Can Have Sex with a Pornstar!

You Can Have Sex with a Pornstar!

By Richard's POV on January 27, 2011

I know hypothetically you always knew that you could have sex with a porn star with a bit of luck, good timing and a lot of alcohol. Actually, no you couldn't. I was being nice. The odds are better that you will get hit by lightning, attacked by a honey badger, and win the lottery all in the same day than have sex with a porn star without your good friends here at ZZinsider.

Fortunately, we come baring good news. "F--k A Fan" offers real life fans the chance to not only to have sex with their favorite porn stars but to get paid to do. As if they would have to pay guys like you and me to have sex with our favorite porn stars but I'm not complaining.

In actuality, 'F--k a Fan' is on volume 13. That's right, 13 videos of fans having sex with their favorite porn stars have already been made. You see, it could have been you pounding Brooke Haven instead of your right hand but some 137 pound guy beat you to it. Hey, you snooze you lose.

The lucky fans of Volume 13 got to have sex with the likes of Claire Dames, Sara Stone, Kimberly Kiss, and Victoria White. There were even fluffers for the lucky winners, not that our studly readers would need fluffers, but they included McKenzee Miles, Ally Kay, Sindee Jennings, Proxy Paige and Amy Brooke so somehow I'm sure you would manage.

If you'd like to be one of the next fans in the series you can find more information at: (NSFW) For the record if you're chosen we will expect some kind of compensation. You can pay me in fluffers. I scratch your back and you give me some side-fan snatch. I mean I'll scratch your back too if you want but not at the same time because that would be awkward. Anyway I think you see how this works.

Keep us posted!

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