Zimbabwe Women In Court After Sex Attacks

Zimbabwe Women In Court After Sex Attacks

By Ron Ecstasy on October 17, 2011

Anybody looking for a chance to test their gender/cultural studies degree? Trying to write a master’s thesis in the soft sciences? I think I may have found your case study. It appears three women in Zimbabwe were, in fact, abducting and raping men for “ritual purposes”

That’s right, the three women, all of them fancily dressed young dames in their mid 20s, have reportedly been prowling the rural roads of South Harare attacking men and forcing them to have intercourse. Naturally the men were made to bone all three of the fancy Toyota driving damsels, er witches.

The story goes something like this. Text courtesy of The Guardian.

"It is alleged that on 3 March this year at around 7:50am, the four, who were driving a Toyota Spacio without registration numbers, picked a 19-year-old man in Budiriro, Harare," the paper said.

"The teenager was on his way to town. Along the way, the state says they sprayed him with chemicals and he felt dizzy. It is alleged they diverted the route and drove into a bushy area along Mukuvisi river behind Houghton Park where they forced him to drink a concoction, which stimulates sexual desire.

"They then allegedly forced the teenager to be intimate with the three of them using condoms. After this, they secured the used condoms containing semen before spraying him with the same substance and leaving him unconscious. When he woke up, the teenager reported the matter to police."

The women have apparently been pulling this ruse since 2010, at least 17 men have come forward saying they too were assaulted in a similar manner. The only reason the ritualistic rutters were even caught was because they had a little car accident. Police found 33 used condoms in the trunk of their car, several of which were full of the abducted teenager’s semen.

Watch Ruparanganda, a sociology professor at the University of Zimbabwe claims that ritualistic semen collection is actually a thing. There’s some folk connection between becoming rich or successful by using semen in various rituals he claims. Perhaps these fancy ladies were collecting cum to become even fancier?

 I’m definitely following this one.

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