Joanna Angel Belle and Sebastian Review

By Stefanie Saint on December 31, 2010

Every month we look forward to the one and only, Ms. Joanna Angel’s music review. And it’s not only because the (NSFW) BurningAngel creator is hot as fuck and we could watch her doing just about anything. Well, maybe it is.

This time around Joanna reviews the Belle and Sebastian album “Write About Love.” Not only do we get to learn that this is the indie rock group’s first album in five years or that it has a softer, more romantic side than earlier albums but we also get to see a softer side of Joanna. One that reminisces about college day crushes who sent her mix tapes. One that knows this album wouldn’t be good for angry makeup sex.

Joanna nearly gave “Write About Love” the highest rating one could give but decided to drop it down in the last few seconds.

Now go check out her site at (NSFW) where you can see Joanna showcasing her other splendid talents.

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