Joanna Angel Weezer Review

By Olive Day on December 01, 2010

Does everyone else love the Joanna Angel music reviews as much as we do? The answer should be a resounding, "Yes!"  

You will be happy to hear that Weezers new album ‘Hurley’ has gotten a better review than the horrible Kings of Leon album that offended Angel a great deal. Joanna's love for Pinkerton may come as a suprise for other Weezer fans, but she is ready to put up a fight. A sexy fight. While fulfilling the role of hottest music connoisseur in the world, Joanna points out that this musical improvement from Weezer may be due to the fact that they released the album on Epitaph instead of a large label. Interesting!

Just for the record, I definitely shook hands with Rivers at Osheaga last summer. Please allocate whatever street cred I deserve for that by commenting below. Also, does anyone else have a mini panic attack when they write angel because they think they’re accidentally writing angle? 

Now go check out her site at (NSFW) where you can see Joanna showcasing her other splendid talents.


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