Rock and roll Jazy Berlin Review

By Olive Day on December 10, 2010

Jazy Berlin and her black skull sidekicks are back with another hardcore rock ’n’ roll music review. This week, Jazy awards the horror metal super group Murderdolls a big ‘ol D-cup.

Jazy couldn’t wait to take her clothes off and fuck to these ‘dark, bloody and loved fueled’ songs on this latest Murderdolls album (we don’t mind the visual one bit) and urges fans to check them out on tour in America before they leave for Europe!

Can I just say that Jazy would be the best concert comrade ever? I bet she rocks as hard as she fucks! I wonder what her liquor of choice is; I can't tell if the shirt she is wearing is a CBGB tank or Jack Daniels shirt. Her boobs are taking over more territory than I took over last night while playing a rousing game of drunken Risk.

With promises of another review of another heavy metal album, Jazy gives us even more proof that she is the most badass rocker in the adult industry!

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