A Winning PSA Announcement For Charlie Sheen

By Olive Day on March 02, 2011

Dear Charlie Sheen,

When we heard/read/listened/watched about your grand exit from the whimsical world of partying, pornstars, and pills, we just had to remind you to never forget or be ashamed about your past. While we’re happy that you’ve kicked your habits that were clearly holding back your winning demeanor and siphoning off the amount of tiger blood found in your system, we want to remind you that whenever you feel like coming back to the world of pornstars and parties, the ZZ world will welcome you back with open arms. Like you, our opinion on work is very similar. Our porn is handled incredibly professionally, shot with the best cameras, written by top writers and stars the sexiest girls we can find because doing anything less would be for amateurs, come on. But, we would be lying if we said that we will miss you because many of the girls you have been linked to in the past and the present -- Hey Bree! We love you, don’t listen to the haters! – have worked for our company and have gone on to have a profitable career. The porn industry mourns our loss. We also want to welcome you to have a shot at directing or writing your own porn scene. We’re sure you have some great ideas and are completely open to hear any of your concepts.  

We congratulate our ZZ babe Bree, the gorgeous Natty, and the warlock that is Charlie Sheen and wish them the best in their happiness, health and wild and crazy sex antics we’re sure that are going on in the Sober Valley Lodge. No matter what life throws at you, you always have a great attitude and a winning answer. You rock at life Charlie!


The entire ZZ Crew

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